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Jamie has spent much of his professional life in the film industry. He was for many years the Creative Director of Jim Henson's Creature Shop in Camden Town, designing and supervising creature effects for a wide variety of movies, including: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, The Snow Queen, The Adventures of Pinocchio, The Flintstones and Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, for which he won an EMMY award. The Adventures of Tooki – The Secret of the Stones is Jamie's first book project, a joint (ad)venture with his partner, Vicky. Unsurprisingly, given his background in film special effects, Jamie is an extraordinary and determined inventor: if it's broken, he'll fix it, if it doesn't exist he'll make one and if it needs musical accompaniment, he'll reach for the guitar.

A writer and singer-songwriter, Vicky worked for many years in television, researching, directing and presenting (even flying a plane in) her own films both for the BBC and for Anglia TV. She has written regularly for a wide variety of magazines and is currently at work on a book about the 19th Century Irish poet and diarist, William Allingham, a great friend and observer of the famous (Alfred Tennyson, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Robert Browning ...) and of the equally fascinating but not-so-famous. Since 2009, she has been running the Wildergorn Colour-In Poster business, sending Jamie's extraordinary black and white posters to customers all over the world. Vicky loves to walk in the woods, is potty about gardening, about film (especially the black and white movies of the 40's) and underpinning all is a passion for literature, for poetry and for the potential beauty and clarity to be found in words.







Our love and thanks to Lizzie Spratt, Commissioning Editor
at Walker Books, for giving Tooki the green light.

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