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The book is lovely and warm and lots of fun. It tells the story of the Tufties, at the beginning of the book they are preparing for the winter and their annual migration from their stone circle – they complete their harvest, and as the seasons begin to change far too rapidly they make a hurried departure for their winter home in the lowlands. Tooki, our hero, becomes separated from the rest of the Tufties and discovers some of the secrets of the stone circle.
The story is very simple, yet very clever – it covers quite a lot of ground in a very accessible manner. It would give plenty of opportunities for discussion, both in terms of how individuals relate to one another and in broader concepts too. There's a great sense of adventure to the book, I liked how the line was clearly drawn for what was okay and what wasn't – there are moments of peril and great emotion, but these are kept in check to make it entirely suitably for the young intended audience. Tooki and Obo (another key character) are both really engaging, I found that I warmed to them instantly and wanted to know more about them and their lives.
The art in the book is wonderful. The first double spread of the book introduces all of the Tufties – 20 in all, I loved how individual each one of them was. This was mirrored by the closing pages which contain a similar roll call for the Shuffleys, another tribe who feature heavily in the book, this time there are 23 characters, and again all very individual. The colours used really help to give the sense of the weather and the season – I particularly found I began to feel cold when I was reading the section of the book set in a rather fierce snow storm! There's plenty to take in from the illustrations, I read the book twice and found I spotted all sorts of different things on my second read through!
The book closes with the suggestion there may be further stories to come, I really hope this is the case – I want more adventures from Tooki and Obo!
Tomorrow I will be hosting a fantastic two part interview with Jamie and Vicky all about this book. Please do drop by to hear all about the book and how it came to be – the answers are fascinating!

Q and A with Vicky Kimm and Jamie Courtier – Part 1.
Q and A with Vicky Kimm and Jamie Courtier – Part 2.
Jenni: Juniper's Jungle Blog.
Thanks so much for sending Tooki (x 3) to Natalie and her family, they all arrived a few days ago and the kids absolutely loved them ! It was kind of funny, one book was to be shared by two of the kids and, like kids, they were less than thrilled so I suggested Natalie give up her book after she read it...
The answer was a flat out NO way!
She even admitted it was the one thing that made her smile all day.
Gene de Marco, New Zealand
This is a gem of a children's book - one of those books which a child will relish now, and then will keep for their own children once they grow up. Exquisite artwork, a compelling narrative and a bunch of memorable characters. Don't miss it!
Amazon: Bookworm, South of England



Dear Vicky and Jamie,
You set yourselves a really uphill task – as the graphic form is the most difficult to pull off successfully – and you've done it!
Tooki's adventure is beautifully realized, the story is inventive, funny, quirky, told with such a love of language – very Vicky – and all vividly brought to life by Jamie's incredible drawings; such depth of detail, with so much to discover and enjoy in each one.
We hope it receives the wide audience it truly deserves – it is a real delight.
Many, many congratulations!!
Mary Clyne (friend and former BBC TV producer)



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